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installation at TAC - The Art Center, Highland Park, Illinois

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bert leveille ARTIST STATEMENT for "streaming reflections" at TAC

I am exploring consciousness. I present abstraction and light with the intent to create a
meditative space to walk into — a place where one can enter a stream of
consciousness — strands of the past, present and future; reflections of both our interiorand exterior realities.

As I paint, I attempt to connect to consciousness and reflect on myself and my world as I perceive it — question and explore thought, and my connection to a greater
consciousness. I see myself as a conduit — data filters through me.

My life-size mindful beings that inhabit my large-scale paintings are not necessarily
human. But, they are imbued with the same challenges, emotions, desires, pain,
uncertainty, disappointments, victories… I see them more like me than not; you more
like me than not; and my reality more connected to the greater universe than not. These mindful beings therefore reflect me — I reflect them — and our consciousness together streams throughout the universe.

I use changing colored lighting washing over my large (mostly silver metallic 8 and 10
foot high painted canvases) to alter the visible elements and the mood of the art
experience — referring to the subliminal and the obvious. “NANO WAVES” represent to me tiny waves that intertwine, connect, affect, change and create this universe we exist in; I believe every nano action, reaction, decision, thought, reflection and movement creates waves that are more powerful than intended or imagined.

My work is intended to create a ripple — a reflection of thought, of consciousness, of
connection, of inspiration, of action. I hope each individual’s experience of “streaming
reflections” expands and reflects consciousness.





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