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bert leveille videos

You can explore these and more videos directly on vimeo

art installations:

art animation and video:

art studio:

art process:

art interviews and talks:

View the colored changing lighting — "STREAMING REFLECTIONS" exhibition

MOVIE of walkaround of gallery:

“crossover” Raw footage 1

“moon dance” Raw footage 1

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" The End is the beginning" animation video

video layered of exhibit and leveille studio :

video walk around exhibition

animation video —

"IN TO THE ELLIPSE" animation video
in to the ellipse video

DOCUMENTATION of exhibition BRIDGING THE MILLENNIUM at the Accelerator Art Space at Elmhurst:
exhibit with one of the atom splitters used to develop the atom bomb

DCUMENTATION of "Experiment in Fantasy" exhibit:
experiment in fantasy exhibit
"Experiment In Fanatasy" - 2.8meg

DCUMENTATION of "Tunnel" exhibit:
tunnel exhibit
Movie from Exhibit opening, "TUNNEL" in Schaumburg, IL - 4meg




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